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Drive retention by predicting churn
using AI
Drive retention by
predicting churn
actioning churn
measuring churn
using AI
Fini uses AI to helps Growth teams at PLG companies to identify reasons for churn and deliver personalized experiences to retain existing customers
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“Fini improved our user retention by 24%. It's been a complete gamechanger”.
Adi Patel, CEO, Lancey
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Key metrics

Key metrics


Retention uplift


Revenue/user uplift


Activation uplift

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Increase Retention. Predict churn using AI with 85% accuracy

Quantify user churn
Predict who, when, and why behind churn for every user across the lifecycle journey
Accuracy you can trust
Fine-tuned models based on your business with 85%+ accuracy on churn prediction
Target Cohorts
Use AI to identify real-time dynamic cohorts with churn likelihood along with the churn event journey
Identify "Moment x Channel"
Scan across the lifecycle journey to predict the right moment and channel to target users

Increase Revenue/user. Use Product usage data to upsell

Maximize ROI
One-click user segmentation and upsell likelihood to identify the right target cohorts and moments
Personalize Journeys
Create in-app personalized product journeys to drive feature adoption through product usage data
Automated Actions
Use custom APIs to perform actions on user profiles (Eg: Cancel subscription, Upgrade plans etc.)
Product Features
Leverage data to identify product features improvements and create feature priority queues

Increase Activation. Get more users to the aha-moment

Reduce Activation cost
Curate personalized journeys to activate more users and reduce Cost per activated customer
Acquire high ROI users
Identify the marketing channels and user segments that deliver the highest ROI for every $ spend
Identify the impact of channels, messaging, and API actions by user cohorts for future personalization
Templates to identify cohort level retention, top churn events, top customer issues and much more.
Export code for download
Add your own code
Cross-browser compatible
A complete platform
Easy edits and publishing
Speed, scale, and security
Define global color swatches
Fine-tune typography
Build layout your way
Create reusable CSS classes
Design responsively
Design with real content
Customer Story


Using Fini, Lancey observed an increase in paid conversion by 21%, and improved retention of paid users by 24%. As we started using a PLG motion it was critical for us to drive conversion and retention using product experiences across the customer journey. Fini team has been simply amazing in helping us outperform our goals.
- Adi Patel, CEO - Lancey
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Trusted by top Brands

72% percent of our users who chat with Fini don't escalate to a live agent. We are able to have an agent on 24/7 for our most common questions
Kyle Westaway
Partner, Westaway
We collaborated with Fini for the Truth GPT. Setting the GPT is seamless and quick. The GPT is informative and accurate.
Shashank Mehta
The Whole Truth
It's so incredibly easy to configure and get started, totally blown away by the simplicity.
Growth, Uber
Fini is so intuitive and user-friendly. We could generate bot within minutes by providing it with knowledge base. Our end-users find it very simple to raise a ticket and support agents are able to easily transfer tickets within departments
Adi Patel
CEO, Lancey