Be you, with us.

Join us from around the world on our mission to reinvent the way companies retain users.
Fini is on a mission to help growth-stage companies increase user retention by solving customer support  issues in real-time using AI. For example: If you have a transaction failure on Uber, we identify and resolve that problem in a few seconds.

We are a team of ex-Uber founders who saw and solved this problem at a global scale. Given the current macroeconomic environment, every company that previously focused on growth is now starting to focus on retention. To help them achieve this, we want to take what we have learned and delight customers with proactive care, everywhere.

This is a chance for you to join an early stage start-up and play a key role in shaping the company. This amount of freedom and influence in a young YC-backed company with highly driven founders will be difficult to find anywhere else.

“It's the passion for improving customer experiences and delivering personalized  instant support that drives us”

Hakim Khalafi
Director of Technology
Deepak Singla

“What started out with
a casual coffee chat a couple of years ago is now en-route to become a category defining business”

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